Greenhouse Projects

Triple Green Flame Stoker formerly known as Chain Grate Stoker has developed some of the industry’s best design solutions to lower heating costs for greenhouses.

One of the largest costs of operation is heating. Triple Green Flame Stoker has developed some of the industry’s best design solutions to lower your heating costs and our design team can assist you in determining which system is right for your greenhouse operation and budget. Many greenhouse growers across Canada and the USA have chosen to embrace Triple Green Flame Stoker™ technology to lower their heating costs and reduce their impact on the environment. Biomass combustion systems used in greenhouse heating system are more complex than fossil fuel combustion systems and generally require additional components beyond the simple boiler system. The biomass greenhouse heating system components must be carefully integrated to ensure successful, trouble-free operation. Although not used in all systems, the main biomass heating system components generally include:

  • Biomass Fuel Receiving;
  • Biomass Fuel Storage;
  • Fuel Transfer to the Combustion System;
  • Combustion Chamber – Stoker;
  • Heat Exchanger – Boiler;
  • Ash Removal and Storage;
  • Exhaust System With Fly Ash Collection and Exhaust Stack;
  • Instrumentation, Controls and Safety Systems;
  • Backup With a Conventional Fuel System; And
  • Heat Distribution Network – Hot Water or Steam Piping.

There are many styles of greenhouse heating available to growers. One of the most common ones is hot water heating system. The advantages of hot water and steam heating are evident in a large greenhouse operation due to the central heating provided by the boilers. Hot water heated pipes can be used to circulate under the benches and provide heat to the rooting media. This heats the media and not the air. The cost of a central heating system will be more than installing localized heaters, however over the long run the advantages of the central unit will far outweigh this initial cost. Unlike localized heating systems, hot water heat can create favourable air currents in the greenhouse. The control of air currents in a greenhouse is very critical to the health of the plant. With proper circulation fans and temperature sensors the grower can maintain the proper temperatures at plant level and produce quality plants throughout the entire greenhouse. Hot water heating systems can also be used to heat irrigation water to prevent cold water shock to the plants.

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